Here is a quick summary of studio policy:

- Please remove shoes and wash hands before lessons.

- I will do my best to stay within 5 minutes of scheduled time. 

- Providing the most notice possible for cancellations is greatly appreciated!  I will do the same.

- Myself and other families try to be as flexible as possible when working with sport related schedule changes.  Please let me know if/when your child(ren) would need this option. 

- Please be considerate of spreading illness and I will provide the same courtesy.

- While students patiently wait for his/her lesson, please bring something quite to do or use any of my items for low volume entertainment.

- The most progress is made with practice, though some weeks are better than others.  Make sure to practice the DAY AFTER each lesson for the most retention.

- I highly encourage participation in the two recitals each year, but students are not required and no additional costs are added either way.

- All communication from me will be related to piano