Rachel Waterman Bio
Rachel Waterman is an experienced professional music teacher of the Musikgarten programs and private piano lessons in the Gallatin Valley. She has a B.S. in Business Management, Certified Musikgarten Instructor and regularly strengthens her background with college and continuing education courses in music, early childhood development and teaching methods.  Mrs. Rachel has 25+ years of playing piano for family with occasional special event performances and competitions.

Mrs. Rachel formally opened her piano studio in 2000. She specializes in providing enjoyment when learning how to play the piano using tailored methods for each student. She believes that learning the piano sets a solid base for all music, so tries her best to teach an overall love of music through piano lessons.  Mrs. Rachel has taught children in various preschool settings since 2011. She currently provides a weekly music program including "songs that teach,"  to multiple preschools ages 2-6 years in the Gallatin Valley.

Mrs. Rachel has the opportunity to share music with ~27 piano students and ~120 preschool children per year...all possible because of dedicated children, families and preschools!  Thank you to all!!